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About system

Electronic bill system - is innovation solution under the conditions of uncertain economic situation and turbulence in the financial markets. Classical investment tools have an increased risk or low profitability. Real estate’s investments need significant means; rates of bank deposits are lower than inflation level; the stock market depends on oil price; exchange rate movements are absolutely illogical. But even in such difficult conditions there are some opportunities for reliable investments with minimal risk and attractive profitability. Electronic bill system is made for rational investors, who can correctly and surely manage their own savings, to do the right investments in the real sector of national economics, under the condition of permanent economic crisis.


The purpose of creating the electronic bill system:

Contribute to the prosperity of the Russian economics and growth of the welfare of population by providing financial resources, which can provide profitable use of personal means and corporate resources.


We propose:

  • Long-term investments for the development of Russian business and native manufacture. 
  • Profitable invest of private capital in real sector of Russian economics.
  • Financial support of local companies of small and middle business. 
  • Business partnership in serving members of bills market and opportunity of getting additional income.


Advantages of electronic bill system:


  • Reliability - means of investors are invested in the real sector of national economy, which can provide high rates of economic growth under the condition of the program of import substitution and state support for priority industries. That's why the system guarantees absolute safety of investments and 100% refund.
  • Profitability - transactions with promissory notes guarantees stable high profitability, which exceeds profitability of classical methods of investments (foreign currencies, real and commercial estates, land rent, precious metals, stocks, bonds and so on).
  • Security - each bill has high protection. In addition to paper sample, which is always handled by the owner, there is a digital copy saved in system. Before the issuing of new bills, the economical expertise of every issuer is conducted.

  • Operation protection - to ensure complete safety of bill operations the 6-digit protection SMS code is send on the investor’s phone for confirmation of every transaction. For receiving of interest or whole payment bill sum, personal presence is necessary – it guarantees an absolute protection of investments.
  • Flexibility – investor chooses by himself the term and amount of investments. The first investments are available for investors with small capital, who can slowly form the package of bills. At any time the sum of investment can be increased to provide the higher   profit.
  • Convenience – the bill  relations are simple for registration and transparent in all operations. You can buy the bill in walking distance with a help of widespread office net and partner’s self-service terminals of electronic bill system. The purchased bill is handled by investor, and it is an unconditional obligation for refund (simplified procedure of foreclosure - court order).


What can we propose for the Russian investors:

  • Investments are issued in the form of promissory notes – the most reliable and safe investment tool in Russian economics.
  • The high interest of investment. The minimal term of the bill is 3 months, and the interest is paid according to the payment schedule.
  • While the amount and term of investments are increased, the increased interest is paid as well.
  • The system guarantees legal support to investors in any dispute situations.


What is the interest of business entities:

  • Free access to loan market’s capital
  • Long-term loans on favorable conditions
  • Possibility of refinancing of previous loans and debts.
  • A minimum of bureaucracy and mandatory formalities.


Absence of intermediaries, such as banks or any other financial organizations. Being patriot means to support the native manufacturer and help the national economy at a difficult time. Make a perspective investment in the real sector of Russian economics and provide a decent future for yourself!