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Quickly developing bill market opens unique opportunities for all who decided to do competent investments in the Russian national economics, to support native manufacturer and get respectable profit. Particular interest is in business partnership maintenance of the participants of the bill's market relations. Every company, which possesses self-service terminals or provides expertise or participates in the referral programs, can become a partner. "Electronic Bill System" invites all interested people to take part in new affiliate program and earn extra money together with the biggest electronic bill system.


Features of the affiliate program 

The company "Electronic Bill System" offers advantageous conditions for participants of the service bill market's affiliate program.

For promotion partners:

       Placing on your websites commercial offers for purchasing promissory notes, which look like a link on the "EBS" website, or the implantation of the module for informing potential investors about issuing new bills.

       Distribution of links, on third-party websites, which lead to the "Electronic Bill System" website (placing buttons to generate outbound links on partners' resources ).

       After the sale of promissory note by the link, promotion partner will get a percent of the transaction sum.

       During the transition visitors to the website and the minimum behavioral actions, promotion partners will gain income for referring each target client.


For service partners of bill market:

       Creating and service of bill market's  infrastructure (self-service terminals and special hardware and cash register systems ).

       Partners provide the management of the working capital and proper work of self-service terminals and POS-terminals.

       The partner's income consists of interest from turnover of money when paying bills and remuneration payment to bill holders.

Advantages for the members of affiliate program

       Opportunity to get stable income from promotion and sales of bills products.

       Access to innovation decisions for integrated customer service, interested in purchasing of financial products.

       Help with organization and arranging advertising and marketing events.

       24-hours informational and technical support.

       Placing of advertising information about business partners on the official website of "EBS".

How to become a partner of "Electronic Bill System"


Consider your opportunities for getting an additional income and earn together with electronic bill system. Now it is available, profitable and convenient for every member of the affiliate program. Register in the electronic bill system and become business partners of the "EBS" company.