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For investors

Thanks to stable financial situation and high rates of economic rise in 2000'th the welfare of Russian population had  increased. However, after the sharp drop of the world oil prices  in 2014 and the next devaluations of ruble many Russians ask an old question: how to save and increase personal savings? Even according to official data the inflation in 2015 will exceed 14%, and many kinds of goods had already risen in price for 25-50%. To keep money under the mattress or on bank deposit, in the condition of fast price rising, is absolutely economically irrational. Classical financial tools differ by high risk (for example stocks or currencies), have low profitability (deposits, bonds and savings certificates) or need significant investments for a long term (for example purchase of a residential or commercial real estate).

Service "Electronic Bill System" is made for private investors, who decided to save and increase their own savings. It is one of the most safe and profitable tools  of investments in national economy of Russia with the goal to get stable and high income. Buying the promissory notes of Russian enterprises is  the best decision for investors, who know the price of money, who can rationally manage their capital and strive to invest it in reliable financial tools. 

Service features:

       Safe and profitable investing of your own savings in promissory notes of Russian enterprises (small and middle business).

       Interest is charged monthly and paid according to  the payment schedule, through the terminals of "Electronic Bill System".

       Investments are arranged in the form of the promissory note in a documentary (paper) and electronic form. It guarantees the absolute security of investments.

       Simple procedure of registration and purchasing of bill. All transactions are confirmed by SMS-code on the mobile phone of the investor.

       Investments in the promissory notes are available for the population with different income level. The minimal sum for investment is only 1000r..

       For buying of bills you don't need special knowledge or practical skills of managing personal finances.

Why is it profitable?

       High percent rate and high income in comparison with bank deposits.

       Profitability depends on sum and term of the promissory note. Increasing the sum or term of your investment the percent rate and total profit increases too.

       High liquidity and minimal risk. The money of investors  are invested in enterprises of small and middle business, which have an attractive image or investing potential and passed legal and economic expertise in expert Bureau.

Service guarantees

Electronic Bill System propose safe conditions for investments in promissory notes of Russian enterprises:

       For getting of accrued interest or main sum the personal presence of investor is necessary. It guarantees the safe protection of investments.

       All operations always require a verification SMS-code on the personal phone number of investor

       The promissory note, as a tool of debt market, is an official document with a mandatory refund. The promissory note is definitely recognized by notaries and courts without any additional proof. The court order is made within 5 days from the date of application.

How to do the first investments:

To start working with Electronic Bill System, you have to do two simple steps:

1. Go through registration procedure (registration link is at the top of the website ) - to do it you must have personal mobile phone, e-mail and passport data. You can register while purchasing the bill.

2. Login the personal account of investor, choose any company you like and buy the promissory note at any sum (not less than 1000r.)

National investments - is  perspective investments in your own welfare and real support of national manufacturer. For those investors, who consciously avoid risks and seek stable profit, the promissory note is the optimum financial tool: safe, secure and profitable. Register in "Electronic Bill System" and make the investments in promissory notes of the Russian enterprises.