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The work on the translation of the site into English has begun

In order to expand the audience of users, work has begun on the translation of the website "Electronic Bill System" into English. The completion of translation work is planned in the second half of August.


Activation of the service “Sberbank Online”

 Sberbank Online – is one of the most popular, simple and convenient payment methods. Now it is together with EBS!

The Electronic Bill System works on improvement of its service every day. The payment of national bills through Sberbank Online – is a comfort payment with usual interface.

We choose  Sberbank Online because of:

Minimal percent for transactions or no commissions at all

Fast transactions. EBS and Sberbank appreciate your time

Available at any part of the world. The most comfort investment conditions.

With Electronic Bill System investors have an opportunity to pay promissory notes of the chosen enterprises, using usual and time-tested payment tools.

Use all advantages of Sberbank Online making investments through Electronic Bill System.

EBS – it is competently, safe and simple.

*Payment through Sberbank Online occurs with standard terms of bank service,  provided by the parties agreement.



The last improvements were done in the Partner’s personal account!

“Electronic Bill System” is glad to announce about forming and starting of the service “Partner’s personal account”! With the help of affiliate program you can earn on promotion of different companies’ bills, getting interest of bill value and payment for the attraction of people.

We remind you that in Partner’s personal account you can watch:

Section “Companies” gives an opportunity to choose companies, which need in promotion of their bills on market.

The promotion is provided by placing the referral link on partner’s website, social networks and other Internet resources.

“Events” section reflects partner’s referrals, what allows appraising the effectiveness of your work.

In “Summary” section the partner’s rating is pointed. In the end of the reporting period the best partner will get an AWARD! For Issuers, who want to promote with a help of EBS’s partners, an additional agreement to the contract is created.

Now the “Partner’s personal account” is working in test mode, and we are always ready to take into account your comments and suggestions about development of our service!


Appreciation from our customer

“Hairdresser 24” successfully grows. Investors and our company didn’t doubt in success.



Our staff has expanded

The strategy of development of “Electronic Bill System” supposes gradual expansion of our staff, and creating of new departments as increasing the received information and scope of work.

Because of the expansion of the company, the “Electronic Bill System” selects new promising specialists. The first quarter of 2017 was marked with the increasing of the number of employees in sales department. Now the important direction of work for “Electronic Bill System” is attraction of new customers and informing potential partners about affiliate program conditions. We select highly qualified employees with required level of training, for the next independent decisions, in order to develop the system.

Permanently increasing the service quality we carefully select professionals to our team, who not only know their work brilliantly, but have other humanity characteristics, such as: responsibility, punctuality, attentiveness, and compliance with business etiquette. 

For present day the sales department of “Electronic Bill System” works at full strength and brilliantly copes with all tasks. We are glad to accept professionals, who understand given to them tasks and lead “EBS” to success and spreading among customers!



 An extension of self-service terminal’s network is planned

We are glad to announce that “Electronic Bill System” continues to expand the network of self-service terminals! We are doing everything for purchasing bills was simple, fast and comfortable!

For convenience of our customers “Electronic Bill System” is planning an additional extension of self-service terminal’s network. The new self-service terminals, with the function of purchasing of Russian enterprises’ promissory notes, will firstly appear among our partner’s in Kolomna, Moscow and other big cities of Russia.

“Electronic Bill System” has its own manufacture of self-service terminals with increased security of customer’s data. It allows using confidently the system, which went through all required tests, for trouble-free operation.

As we attract investments, we plan the next extension of the system and placing terminals in far parts of Russia.

With a help of terminals of “Electronic Bill System” you can pay the promissory notes with plastic cards (Visa,MasterCard), as well as pay with cash. The bill and the check will be printed automatically in case of making the operation.

The full list of addresses, where the terminals and offices are located, you can watch at our website in the section “Terminals and office addresses”.



Participation in business brunch of publishing house “Komersant”

On the 21 of March the business brunch entitled “Russia – the world exporter of the software” was held in Moscow. Its organizer is the publishing house "Kommersant", with a help and participation of the Ministry of Communications of Russia.

Marketing director of LLC“Electronic Bill System” was invited.

The discussion covered such issues as:

The development of Russian industry of software. Factors promoting and impeding the export growth of software now.

Governmental support of software companies and forming of the register of domestic software. Which companies will get the insurance tax credits? Will the tax on profits from exporting software be reduced?

Strategies of industry leaders in foreign markets and the development of the competitiveness of Russian software. What countries and companies are the main consumers of Russian software? What software products are in greatest demand now and in future?

Personnel potential of Russia. What work should be done for growing and keeping talented programmers in the country? What part in it takes the government, and what – business?

Also the question, about increasing the interest of investors and making investments in IT development, was raised.

During the meeting the first magazine of “Electronic Bill System” was introduced, and important aspects of the activity of electronic platform were revealed.

The participation of representatives of “Electronic Bill System” in business-brunch was productive and undoubtedly will have a beneficial effect on the company’s further expansion.



As a result of investment in “EBS” it is planned to expand the territory of presence of available cash registers and self-service places, for improved and convenient usage of bill system

Because of attraction of new investments the “Electronic Bill System” expands its presence in big cities of Russia. The process of equipping the crowded places with cash registers is started. 25 new devices, which were made and staffed on own “EBS” manufacture, are ready to serve investors. 

In the nearest future the placing of cash registers and equipping of self-service points is planned for improvement of “EBS” service.

“Electronic Bill System” does everything to buy the promissory note of big Russian enterprise would become as easy as top up mobile phone account. We create all conditions for investor’s comfort, and consequently the increased demand in some districts will lead to feedback in the work of the system: the placing of new cash registers and terminals will be held depending on interest and  appeals of customers.



The print edition “Electronic Bill System” is issued

The first printed edition of the “Electronic Bill System” magazine was issued in March. The circulation was 100 copies. The magazine was spread among company’s partners and during the business-brunch “Russia – the world exporter of the software” among speakers and organizers of event.

In the first issue the most important and fundamental questions about work of “EBS” were reflected. We revealed everything about partner’s opportunities, advantages for issuers and investors, and published our first client’s interview.

Based on the results of the first run, the decision to issue the magazine every month (or on demand) was made, for more complete coverage of electronic site.

The project “Electronic Bill System” is unique and absolutely new phenomena for Russia. It is designed for practical people, who know the value of their time and money. In order to our partners and customers could get full and reliable information about system, we aspire to release news in different formats, for everyone could choose the most convenient way of acquaintance.



The production series of cash registers was successfully assembled and completed

We are glad to announce that the first batch of cash registers of “Electronic Bill System” is assembled and completed successfully, and passed all required tests for confident uninterrupted work with our partners. The development of computer technology is at high level, and devices meet the security and legislative requirements. For designing and releasing of devices the own manufacture was made. “Electronic Bill System” is making cash registers and terminals by itself for security and for absolute confidence of personal data of investors, and for protection of bills of counterfeiting.

The first batch of cash registers, in amount of 50 devices, will be installed free with our partners on mutually beneficial terms. The installation of the first batch in the nearest future will attract the significant income and provide advertisement on affiliate program.

This step will allow us to establish cooperation with big trading platforms for placing terminals in the most popular and crowded places of your city.



The affiliate program is being developed

The project “Electronic Bill System” is being prepared for affiliate program.  We appreciate mutually beneficial cooperation and ready to place for free the first batch of cash registers with partners, who will have the most interesting proposition.

The affiliate program of “Electronic Bill System” :

Will increase customers traffic in partner’s offices and subsidiaries  

Will cause additional interest in the system, which will affect the profit from cooperation.

Will provide advertising in the media.

Every further cash register will be sold for 50 000r. Hardware costs of “Electronic Bill System” will quickly pay off and lead to the growth of profit of every our client.

Planned turnover of the money from investors in 2019 will be about 15 billion rubles; as a consequence, partners will have a good profit of cooperation.

Paying attention to all details of affiliate program, we work on the list of beneficial and interesting conditions, for interest of big Russian trading companies, which are located in the most crowded places, and also in objects which have successful territorial location.



At the request of users, the amount of loading capacity, while registering the issue, has increased

“Electronic Bill System” shows a positive dynamics of development and quickly reacts on customers’ requests.

The administration of the website constantly provides the monitoring of customers’ requests, makes changes and corrections in system’s work.

Because of the large number of requests, the decision about increasing of the amount of loading capacity, while registering the issue of bills, was made.

At the moment, if you give all required documents, the loading of files in total size 25 MB is available.

Such step allows our customers to supply investors with full information concerning his business-project and attach additional materials, which could help in making positive decision in favor of the issuer.

“Electronic Bill System” is interested in providing partners with beneficial conditions and reliable information in full.

We are working every day on improving of our platform, so that its use would be simple, understandable and comfortable for every customer.



The news page is created.