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For the development of Russian economics, available sources of investments are necessary. These sources should be able to support the national economy and provide with long-term funding the real sector of Russian economy. Among all means the promissory note, or simple bill, is one of the most reliable and perspective tools of foundation of business processes. Thanks to step-by-step foundation of public market's civilized bill relations, big Russian enterprises actively use promissory notes for foundation of economic activity. At the same time the attraction of promissory notes, for small and middle business, is increasing.

Small private enterprises and companies are in dire need of long-term sources of investments, to support and develop the manufacture. But modern credit conditions, which banks can propose, are not always convenient and acceptable for the real sector of Russian economics. One of the most attractive sources of investments for small and middle business can be the promissory note, which proved its vitality and effectiveness through ages. To do bill relations really available and useful for every company or firm, the Electronic Bill System was created – it is the innovation decision for attracting of loan capital on your own conditions.

Opportunities of the bill system for business development:

·         Alternative investment sources – for financing of one business-project the capitals of private and corporate investors can be attracted.

·         Flexible debt management – refinancing of obligations and accounts payable by issuing new bills or early repayment of existing.

·         Uncollateralized charge of the working capital – an ideal decision for growing companies or permanent cash gaps in current activities.

·         Simple and clear procedure – to issue the promissory note you don’t need special approvals and permissions of state Supervisory authorities.

·         Decreasing of loan value – conscientious issuers (drawers) have a high credit rate, that allows to attract the loan capitals on more favorable terms.

·         Improvement of business reputation – gradual increase of loan resources causes increasing of a company's capitalization, creates positive public credit history and  allows making an image of the modern company with high investment potential.

·         The huge long-term credit on favorable conditions – high implementation and profitability of bill transactions allow attracting loans on one’s own conditions, the most suitable for needs of enterprise.

·         Tax optimization of the enterprise – you don’t need to pay taxes for transactions with promissory notes; discount for securities is already included in production price and decreasing the taxable base.

If you need safe and secure way of attracting extra investments – connect to the Electronic Bill System. It’s an excellent chance for financing of your own enterprise on beneficial conditions. Get access to a numerous private and corporate investors, to raise your own business to new heights!